The Omana Children’s Playground is a reflection of the Ngai Tai tribe’s connection to the area. The playground includes a whare with slides, a small fireman’s pole, a rope walkway and a space net. There are also two carved rock sharks, taniwha bars, swing ropes, a see-saw and treasure-hunt carvings for the kids to have fun playing on.

In December 2008, school students planted 120 rare coastal Holloway’s Crystalwort plants, to help preserve the sand dunes. Rarawa Beach’s silica white sands are a striking contrast to the blue waters that lap its shores. Its southern point offers good fishing and open beaches good surf. This is the ideal place to camp overnight at DOC campsite and then wake up early to explore this beautiful and remote area. Surrounded by lush native rainforest, this bay is located just east of the northernmost point in New Zealand, Cape Reinga.

Is New Zealand famous for its beaches?

While New Zealand is regularly referred to as a sub-tropical destination, only a small part of the country can realistically claim that. Average temperatures around the country in the past 12 months failed to exceed 19 degrees Celsius, according to NIWA data. New Zealand is the only country in the world that is completely free of snakes. This is because snakes have never existed in New Zealand and no snakes have ever made the islands their home. More than 30 Auckland beaches are unswimmable due to a high risk of illness, according to the Safeswin website. Some beaches on the North Shore are safe, but others in the centre, west, and south of the city are not. Developed during the middle of the decade, there are four private beaches and one of the largest lots sold for nearly $4 million in 2005. But there are two special pockets of public access. Bernie Williams and Evan Williams, the solicitor, granted specific access to iwi to certain locations on the property. New Zealand’s climate is complex and constantly changing. This makes it difficult for snakes to adapt. Both land and sea snakes require specific temperatures and conditions in order to breed. New Zealand’s climate does not provide this stability or the necessary climatic conditions. Average water temps are about 18-20 degrees for most of the year. South island winter temps will drop to 10 and lower the further south you go. Northland waters will get a few degrees hotter in summer. If you prefer a sandy beach, New Chums Beach is one the best beaches in New Zealand. The while bay offers stunning views and stretches on white sandy beaches to relax and unwind on a sunny afternoon. Many beaches in New Zealand are safe and beautiful to swim in. Of the ten beaches on this list, nine passed recreational water quality tests 95% of the time or more. According to the most recent weather statistics, Whakatane, North Island’s Bay of Plenty, is the sunniest spot in New Zealand. It averaged 7.4 hours of sunlight per day in 2020. The temperature in the town is also higher than anywhere else in New Zealand. New Zealand is ranked fifth in the world for unprovoked shark attacks, and is home to around 70 species of shark including great whites, tiger sharks, mako sharks, and hammerheads. Over 170 years, there have been 13 fatal shark attacks in New Zealand. Whale Bay is located Northland, where many of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand are found. This tiny bay is one of the most beautiful and calm bays on the North Island. It sees little to no surf so it’s perfectly safe for swimming. Is New Zealand Expensive? In general, yes, you can say that the cost of living in New Zealand is high. From what we see, a single expat living in Auckland would need to have on hand a minimum of 3,000 NZD (2,100 USD) per month to cover their basics. Kaiteriteri Beach, Tasman

Wainui, which is located just 10 minutes away from the city and a 6km bike path from it, is world-famous for its surfing, swimming, and fishing. And it wouldn’t be a proper Kiwi beach without a store for ice-creams, milkshakes and takeaways. It’s a long hike to reach this beautiful spot north of Whangaroa Harbour’s entrance. It takes about an hour from Kerikeri and four hours from Auckland. But it’s well worth the effort. The North’s most beautiful beach (and that’s a high bar), this wide, white sand slopes gently into the sea and curves in an easy arc. Nearly 1.5km

This beautiful beach with white sand is the ideal day trip destination. There are some pretty awesome beaches in Canterbury and around Christchurch, however, one of our favourites in the region can be found close by in Lyttelton. To reach Corsair Bay, take a right just after the Lyttelton Tunnel. It offers stunning views of the Banks Peninsula. This white sandy beach also has a large grassy area that is perfect for picnicking and hanging out during the long, warm summer months and the calm waters are perfect for swimming. New Zealand beaches will often include a floating pontoon and Corsair Bay is no different so you can paddle out to the floating pontoon or just dive straight in from the jetty. A list of the top 10 beaches in New Zealand wouldn’t be right without an entry for the Nelson/Tasman region.

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The secret beaches you need to visit this summer.

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It wouldn’t be a list of best NZ beaches without featuring one of our famed black sand beauties! Piha is one of NZ’s most famous surf beaches, with it’s wild waves and strong currents – it is patrolled in summer by surf lifesavers, but we still recommend swimming with caution. Piha, located 45 minutes west of Auckland, is great for relaxing on the beach and exploring the stunning surrounding landscape. You can get some amazing views from Tasman Lookout, a short 1km walk from the beach, or you can climb the famed Lion Rock . Lion Rock is sacred to Te Kawerau, a Maki people. If you are respectful while climbing, you will be rewarded by stunning 360-degree views. Sumner is a beautiful beachside retreat located just 20 minutes from Christchurch. It’s the perfect spot for a sunny day escape.

This is the perfect spot for surfing and family holidays with camping, accommodation on the beachfront and old-fashioned baches in the native bush. A short drive from the city, Whanganui’s beach suburb has always been popular with residents and visitors. Patrolled swimming, a well-established holiday park, playgrounds and a skate park nearby provide an easy and convenient access to the beach. Castlecliff is also the premier surfing beach in the area, with the best conditions right near the North Mole. The lagoon has calm waters that can be used for swimming. The DOC walks offer spectacular views of the sea cliffs from which to choose. The West Coast beaches of Auckland can get dangerously hot in summer, due to their fine black iron sand.

Locals call the road overlooking the bay ‘Million Dollar View Road’ – after a spectacular drive down its winding curves, a long white sand beach with crystal clear water awaits. It is a great place to camp overnight. The water is safe and offers good fishing. There are also occasional opportunities to surf. Matauri Bay is a popular spot for snorkelling and diving. It is also known as the resting place to the Rainbow Warrior, which is now a living coral reef off the Cavalli Islands. The bay is overlooked by a memorial that stands on the cliffs.

  • The Wainui Beach Shop has everything you need for ice cream, fish and chips (i.e. essential).
  • It’s patrolled during the summer months for safe swimming and makes for a great day out to blow out the cobwebs.
  • Its southern point offers good fishing and open beaches good surf. This is the ideal place to camp overnight at DOC campsite and then wake up early to explore this beautiful and remote area.
  • It’s a popular summer holiday destination, where visitors flock from all over to enjoy time in the sun and surf.

Although the beach isn’t safe for swimming, surfers love the wild black sand. It is a gateway to adventure activities with horse riding, mountain biking, and hiking all available in the area. Turn left from Urquhart Bay carpark and follow the friendly cows to the farmland.

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