Piha isn’t far from Auckland, but it’s close enough to make you forget about the city. Aotearoa is an island – well, three, actually – and their long and skinny, with plenty of sand. You could also say that the beach is important in this country, but that would be an understatement. Although the Kiwi beach holiday is different for everyone, it has a special place in the hearts of those who call this country home. The beach is synonymous with relaxation with freedom, good company, fish and chips and the iconic sound of Kiwi music that soaks the summer landscape.

There are many options available for you to have a memorable and enjoyable beach holiday. To see the best beaches around the world, take a look at their offerings and plan your next getaway with your family, friends, or on your own. Being just over an hour’s drive from Auckland, Omaha is a favourite weekend getaway spot for those looking to escape the city. It is surrounded by picture-perfect sand dunes and is a great spot for a summer holiday in New Zealand.

This north-facing beach gets a full arc of sunshine on summer days, meaning warm, safe water to swim in all day long. Stretching 11km along the coast, Ohope offers an easily walkable white sand oasis. Wharariki Beach, Nelson’s Golden Bay, is a computer screen saver that features its bizarre rock formations, white sandy dunes and windswept cliffs. It’s a beautiful beach that you can hike on, especially at low tide. The view out to sea at this tip of the South Island is unbeatable, and it’s not too far from Abel Tasman National Park, either, which offers another whole playground.

Whilst Maori would swim, canoe and surf, Pakeha tended to see the beach as a place to leisure, picnic and relax in the white sand, without actually engaging with the ocean. Everyone sees the sea as a playground that can be explored. Hot Water Beach is a fascinating beach on the Coromandel Peninsula with geothermal springs and a variety of outdoor experiences and cultural attractions. Hot Water Beach accommodation options, activities, and other holiday planning tips are available for couples, families, and singles alike. Boasting pristine beaches, charming historic attractions and endless opportunities for adventure, Bucklands Beach is one of the best places for a holiday with friends or family. Find out more about Bucklands Beach attractions and activities to plan your next vacation.

It’s a short, uphill hike but not many people seem inclined to bother. So you might be fortunate to have this spot all to yourself. With perfect white sand and thundering waves, you won’t find a better place to swim, surf, sunbathe and socialise. It’s a place that makes memories, and people of all ages love it year-round. You can go for long walks, fish and collect shellfish, have a barbecue and play beach cricket, and it’s a great place to kick back and people watch. If you want to add a little more spice to your water-based activities, Omamari Beach is only 2.5 kms away. We mean total dunking on wild west coast waves by “sass”